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Supercharge Your Amazon Seller Data Today

Unlock actionable, interactive data that presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables. Easily compare periods to spot trends and take action.

Amazon Data Extract

Custom Solution for Global Printing

What’s Included

  • Includes extract, load and transform of Amazon Seller data into data warehouse for Global Printing account
  • Access to Alyte Dashboard for up 10 users
  • Data imported and updated automatically 2 x every day
  • All data views/ tables available in Alyte will be connected to client Power BI account
  • Maintenance, QA and Access to new data views as that data is available on Alyte

Timing and Details

  • Connection and warehousing of data starting at the time credentials are established then warehoused going forward

  • Historic order data lookback will be populated over 2-3 weeks, starting with most recent data then going backward. Ad data is limited to 90 Day lookback based on Amazon Data restriction. 

Monthly: $375 

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